Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation & Software Development

Chimik has built over time, sufficient competence to:

  1. Build & deploy apps and software, using the latest technologies.
  2. Provide digital access to communities via various channels.
  3. Digitalize your business processes for competitive advantage.

Using latest digital tools, Chimik will enable your business to acquire uncommon insight into your areas of interest and market intelligence– which will keep you ahead of the competition.

Digital Techniques in Project Delivery

  Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)

  Project Cost and Schedule Risk Quantification & Optimization

  Data Mining of Project Databases, and Bashboard Development.

✓  Project Benchmarking to Global Best Practices.

  Project Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Assessments.

Digital Techniques in Asset Management

  Predictive Maintenance & Reliability Tracking.

  Data Analytics, Automation and Business Process Re-engineering.

  Digital Twins.

  Advanced Process Control.

✓  Data-driven Performance Measurement and Management.

Digital Techniques in Supply Chain Management

  Discrete-event Probabilistic Modelling & Supply Chain Robustness Testing

✓  Data Analytics (Including Machine Learning AI, IOT and Blockchain)

  Automated Contracts Management (Smart Contracting)

✓  Systems Dynamics/Network Optimization/Logistics Systems Design