CHIMIK has bet big on the African renaissance.

We believe Africa is the next frontier for rapid economic growth in the next decade and beyond, with the potential to create huge economic opportunities for governments, businesses and to lift millions of people out of poverty.

Below are the current areas of our focus, all growth areas to which we invite you to participate.


Our goal is to fill up the energy gap in Africa (estimated at US$ 2 Trillion over the next two decades); and end the energy poverty on the continent.

We believe that the energy transition will include a mix of energy types for the foreseeable future and are focused on harnessing responsibly produced energy to fill in the gap.

Pic: Africa Dark Continent

We have a special focus on the monetization of flared gas in Nigeria and other African countries, which as a transition fuel, has the potential to unlock tremendous economic growth and industrialization, with relatively less harm to the environment while mitigating climate change.

CHIMIK is active across the entire energy value chain (oil and gas, chemicals, renewable energy and electric power).

Pic: Energy Value chain

Supply Chain & Logistics

Intra-African trade currently rests only at 15% as compared to 58% in Asia and 70% in Europe. There is a huge opportunity to unlock African economic growth via trade; this indeed has been realized by the African Union in ratifying the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Pic: African Logistics Map

The supply chain in Africa is poised to explode as the continental free trade area kicks off in 2021.

CHIMIK is strategically well-positioned to provide the required world-class services around Marine, Air, and Land logistics within the African continent and between Africa and global markets.

Pic: General Logistics (Land, Sea, and Air)

Digital Technology

Internet penetration in Africa is on an exponential growth pathway and is expected to continue along that path for the foreseeable future, with the mobile adoption rate of Africa being among the highest in the world. These factors, coupled with the demographic advantage Africa enjoys have cast Africa as a ripe market for digital products.

PIC: Digital Transformation of Africa.

Our focus on the digital space is the development of mobile apps and software, facilitating internet penetration, and providing services to transform government departments and businesses into the digital age.