Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Chimik is a reliable partner in your quest to engineer, build and maintain a robust, reliable, cost-effective, and hence profitable asset for your shareholders.

Our EPC capabilities are focused on ensuring that you derive maximum value from your investment by prioritizing quality and thorough technical assurance all through the project realization phases.

Chimik’s extensive engineering capabilities cover integration and project management, discipline engineering (Process, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation etc), as well as coatings, testing, inspections, construction management, and QA/QC of your projects.

Our very robust procurement & logistics capabilities, processes, and systems enable smooth global procurement of the following industrial products within the specified quality and price.

  Rig Sourcing (Onshore and Offshore).


  HSE Equipment/PPE’s.

  Scada System.

✓  Metering Systems.

✓  Pipes & Line Pipes.


  Drilling Chemicals.

  Drilling Pipes.

The above list is not exhaustive, kindly contact us with your custom procurement requirements, and we will do all that is required to deliver beyond your expectations.